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Freedom is desired by all living beings.

Sri Lanka enriched by Buddhist values, is a nation which gives importance to the freedom of the individual. 

Inhumane acts of a few in the society violate the freedom of the entire society. The value of freedom is deeply felt when it is lost, more than when it is enjoyed.

History shows that there was a period when Sri Lankans were longing for freedom. And during that period great national personalities have emerged, who surmounting all barriers had achieved the coveted goals for the nation. 

We recently passed an era when freedom was limited to a word. During that bleak period the society had to live in fear and with uncertainty of the future. However, the country was fortunate enough at that juncture to be blessed with heroes who sacrificed their lives to bring freedom and happiness to the nation by ending the scourge of terrorism that lasted nearly thirty years. 

Freedom which was achieved in February 1948 became more meaningful in 1972. It strengthened to an absolute freedom in 2010, with the results of the recently concluded Presidential Election where Sri Lankans freely expressed their democratic rights. 

I believe that all the citizens of this country will now unite to bring a brighter- future to our motherland.