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Indian Prime Minister and Sri Lankan President meet on the sidelines of SAARC Summit in Male PDF Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info) E-mail
Saturday, 12 November 2011 03:49

The Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh with President Mahinda Rajapaksa, at the bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the 17th SAARC Summit, at Adu Atoll in Maldives on November 10, 2011.



Sri Lankan President at SAARC: "In the areas of social justice we require immediate action" PDF Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info) E-mail
Thursday, 10 November 2011 16:46


The issues which call for our attention, particularly in the areas of social justice and climate change, require not further discussion but immediate action, stated President Mahinda Rajapaksa in his address to the 17th SAARC Summit, held in Addu City of the Maldives.

“What is evident around us is a mood of urgency and even impatience. This is especially so, because a large and influential part of our societies consists of young people, inspired by new ideas and looking forward with enthusiasm to a promising future for themselves. They cannot be kept waiting for long. Patience is not infinite”, he added.

He further said, whether in regard to food and energy security, the preservation of the environment or protection of our societies against the consequences of terrorism, the challenges we face within SAARC are certainly formidable. However, we are sustained by a reservoir of insights and experience that equip us for this task.

“The theme of our deliberations here in Addu City, ‘Bridge Building’, highlights the reality that rapidly improving connectivity in our region makes it possible for us to reach out to higher levels of achievement for the benefit of our nations”, the President added.

Full text of President's Speech

Sri Lankan wins the Golden Award for Global Contribution in Architecture PDF Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info) E-mail
Tuesday, 01 November 2011 11:41


Anjalendran with his Golden Award for Global Contribution in Architecture. From left to right: Suneet Paul (Chief Editor Architecture + Design); Chief Guest Prasad Kariyawasam ( High Commisioner of Sri Lanka in India); Anjalendran C; guest of honour Javier Salido (Consellor, Embassy of Spain, New Delhi); Inder Jit Arora ( Managing Director, Spectrum Paints Ltd)

Sri Lankan architect C. Anjalendran was awarded the Golden Award for Global Contribution in Architecture at the Architecture+Design & Spectrum Foundation Architecture Awards 2011 in New Delhi on 17 October. The Chief Guest at the Ceremony was High Commissioner Prasad Kariyawasam. Speaking at the Ceremony, the High Commissioner referred to the great architectural traditions of the past, with special reference to Sri Lanka’s history, namely, the monumental designs of the engineers and architects of the 1st millennium and the structures based on Vastu Vidya, the local architectural science prevalent at the time.

Deepavali Message of H.E. the President PDF Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info) E-mail
Monday, 24 October 2011 04:23


Victory of good over evil, the shedding of light over darkness and the triumph of knowledge over ignorance are the eternal quest of humankind.

Deepavali, known as the festival of Light is the expression of the spiritual richness of people as it marks the progress made in the constant struggle for a better life with all the above achievements, in keeping with the great spiritual values of Hindus.

The Hindus of Sri Lanka join their fellow believers the world over in celebrating this great festival.  In Sri Lanka today Deepavali and its light of hope provide the opportunity for greater understanding among communities, increased harmony among peoples and the shedding of differences that have kept people apart for a long period.

The glow of Deepavali will spread a message of joy among people who cherish the values of Hinduism and will spread the spirit of sharing in festivity in the comfort and tranquility of peace.

May the abiding light of goodwill and the message of peace of Deepavali lead our people to the joy of a memorable festival of enlightened harmony.

I wish all Hindu devotees happy and peaceful Deepavali.

Mahinda Rajapaksa
President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Craftspersons from Sri Lanka at the Dilli Haat Crafts Village PDF Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info) E-mail
Thursday, 20 October 2011 11:03


Craftspersons from Sri Lanka are currently exhibiting and selling their products at the Shilpa Sri Lanka 2011 Crafts Exhibition that is being held at the Dilli Haat Crafts Village in New Delhi. The products that will be on exhibit until 31 October include jewellery, lace, ceramic ware, rush & reed items, batik, wooden toys, bamboo and lacquer products, paintings and traditional Sri Lankan masks.  
The exhibition was officially inaugurated on 19 October by High Commissioner Prasad Kariyawasam and the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) of India, S.S. Gupta. The exhibition is organised jointly by the National Crafts Council of Sri Lanka and the High Commission of Sri Lanka in India in collaboration with the Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) of India.
Speaking at the inauguration of the exhibition, High Commissioner Kariyawasam stated that the participation of Sri Lankan Craftspersons at the Dilli Haat Crafts Village in New Delhi is a manifestation of the close relations that exist between India and Sri Lanka, as well as the civilisational traditions between the two nations. While the opportunity of exhibiting their products at Dilli Haat is professionally useful for the Craftspersons it is also commercially productive. Development Commissioner Gupta, in his remarks, appreciated the high quality of Sri Lankan crafts. Referring to the India-Sri Lanka Crafts Exchange Programme through which Indian Craftspersons visited Sri Lanka in April, the Development Commissioner stated that the Indian Craftspersons appreciated the experience as well as the warm hospitality that they received in Sri Lanka.


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