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Wednesday, 26 May 2010 14:54


Prime Minister's  message for Vesak.

I consider it a privilege to address the Buddhists all around the world and most importantly in Sri Lanka, as the Minister of Religious Affairs and the Prime Minister at this glorious moment where we all celebrate the ‘Themangul’ Festival of Lord Buddha.

In this watershed moment where we inch closer towards the 2600th year of Lord Buddha’s passing away, we all should be determined to bring about a more morally righteous Buddhist society in Sri Lanka. The first challenge we face at this important juncture is to build a compassionate society illuminating the real Buddhist values where caste, creed, race and social class are not considered as determinants of human value.

The man, who perceives other human being’s pain as pain and joy as joy, can be defined as a real Buddhist. Never has he deemed caste, creed, race and social class as determinants of human value. A real Buddhist has the ability to clearly differentiate from what is wrong and right and it is such minds that we should plant in our society today.

Under the leadership of His Excellency President Mahinda Rajapaksa we celebrate the first year of liberation of our country from the plague of terrorism, and the government has taken all measures necessary to lighten up the Viharas in newly liberated North and East areas of the country in a brilliant fashion for the ‘Themangul’ Festival of Lord Buddha.

I wish all of you may have the gift to understand the path of the Dhamma and be blessed with the Triple Gem, in this moment where North as well as South of the country is overwhelmed with Buddhist quintessence.