Ramayana circuit to be developed by Sri Lanka to attract Indian tourists Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info)
Wednesday, 23 January 2019 03:49

As the news has it, Sri Lanka is planning big to woo Indian tourists. The Sri Lankan tourism department is banking on the Ramayana Circuit and a few other common cultural Indian heritage sites to boost the number of travellers from India and increase the growth by two folds.

Nearly 450,000 tourists from India visited Sri Lanka in 2018, while the government is aiming to cross the one million mark by developing the Ramayana circuit this year. 

Addressing the media at the Business & Luxury Travel Mart (BLTM) 2019 in Delhi, Sri Lanka Minister of Tourism Development John A E Amaratunga said, “Now we are targeting almost up to one million (10 lakh) arrivals with all the publicity which we are doing all that which we have to offer”.

 India is well-connected to Sri Lanka and there a number of flights running between the two countries on an everyday basis. Assuring Indian tourists, he said that his country is now safe and that bad times are over now. 

Sri Lanka has the biggest pavilion at the BLTM 2019 in Delhi; it features delegates from 11 other countries as well. T

his time, along with Sri Lanka, Egypt, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Spain, the Philippines, and Dubai are also participating. In addition to these, 15 Indian states are also a part of India’s leading trade show on business and luxury travel. 

Times of India